Monday, August 20, 2012

Open House & Common Core

Our open house is tomorrow night, and I wanted to have parents something they could take with them regarding Common Core.  After only 9 days of school I've already found that parents are a little confused about what the Common Core will mean for students.

This will be the first year that we've had a "drop in" type open house.  In the past we've had parents run through a mini version of their child's schedule.  This has a lot of teacher scrambling and trying to figure out what to do to make the time the most effective.

I plan to have a PowerPoint scrolling that has info about classroom expectations, topics of study for the year, information on our Million Word Reading Challenge, as well as a few facts about me.  I figured this would give parents something to look at while I''m talking to other parents.

I'm also going to give them the following guide to the Common Core that I developed tonight.  Even though this might be too specific for everyone (Georgia 7th Grade ELA), I wanted to share so that you can get an idea of what I'm doing.  Feel free to use any parts if you would like.

Smartboard installers showed up at 4:00 today, resulting in a large area of my room being turned upside down.  When I left school today at 5:30 I had file cabinets in the middle of the classroom.  Did I mention that open house is TOMORROW...???  Ah, the life of a teacher.  :-)

See the entire 2 page newsletter HERE.

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