Sunday, February 17, 2013

Common Core Writing Checklists

This has been a tough couple of weeks.  We found out two weeks ago that our school system was going to have a RIF (Reduction in Force) and layoff a bunch of teachers.  After waiting for 2 long weeks, we found out on Friday that our school system was laying off 119 teachers and secretaries.  I am thankful that I was not laid off, but I have many close friends that were.  I was miserable Friday night and Saturday morning just thinking about them.  I knew I had to do something to occupy my mind.  This began a classroom creation frenzy.

I created Common Core Writing Checklists, that I can't wait to use in my classroom.  The files include checklist for narrative, expository and argumentative writing and they use the same terminology used in the standards.

You can find the 6th Grade Checklists HERE, the 7th Grade HERE, and the 8th Grade HERE.

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