Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Personal Laminator Lovin'!

Admit it...we teachers have a laminating disorder.  Most of us would run our first born through it if we could just to keep them shiny, clean, and protected from the world.

Well let me tell you, if you do not have a personal laminator...YOU NEED ONE!  I'm bought one last year for a craft project that I was working on and it has become my favorite teaching tool!  The big laminator at school is great for bigger projects.  But the quality and sturdiness of the Scotch personal laminator can't be beat.

I'm all the time needing to laminate small items or single pages for classroom use (and usually at the last minute).  Having a laminator and laminating pouches at home has been a life changer.  Just tonight I laminated 35 bingo cards for a review game we will be playing in class tomorrow.  I love that the cards come out much more sturdy than from our regular laminator at school.

It's super easy to use, too.  Simply buy the laminating pouches, place the item you want laminated inside and run it through the laminator.  Easy Peasy!

There are tons of personal size laminators on the market.  I have the Scotch Personal laminator and love it.
Click here to see the specs on the laminator that I have

I promise you, if you don't have a personal laminator, you are definitely missing out!

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