Thursday, July 26, 2012

Annotated Common Core for ELA

I found a great resource back in the spring that I wanted to share with all of you ELA teachers.  There is a company called Secondary Solutions that has created annotations for all of the Common Core Standards for grades 5-12 ELA.  They have a document for each grade level.  When you download your grade level's document you will find that it has each standard listed and then it breaks it down and describes what students actually need to do and know in order to meet the standard.  After Georgia rolled out GPS a few years ago many teachers didn't really know what each standard was actually calling for to be taught.  Secondary Solutions has solved that for Common Core.

By going to this Secondary Solutions link you will find each group of annotated standards from grades 5-12.  You'll be able to download the one that pertains to you.  Get the annotated standards here.

 Secondary Solutions Blog


  1. This was a great resource!! Thanks for the idea!! :)

  2. Thanks so much Mr. Keiser! I've loved having this resource in my classroom this year!