Monday, July 30, 2012

Free PDF to Word conversion via email

Lately I've found lots of materials, both curriculum and decorative, that I like but would like to modify in someway.  Unfortunately many of them have been PDFs making them difficult to modify.

That was until now!

I found a great site this morning that converts the PDF file to a Word file (I could also open it in Pages on my Macbook) and then emails it too you.  It's completely free and you don't have to register or sign up for anything.

Here is what you'll need to do in order to use this service:

1.) Make sure the PDF file that you want to convert is saved to your computer.

2.) Go HERE to get to the conversion site.

3.) Click on Choose File on the left side of the screen to choose the PDF file on your computer that you want to convert to a Word file.

4.) Enter your email address.

5.) Click on the blue box that says Convert to Word.

6.)  Check your email, open the file and make any changes you'd like!

This site will be getting A LOT of use from me!

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